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Facebook issue with FB Like button

Dear user, as you see facebook page like section doesn’t work properly. We have checked it and have detected that facebook like button doesn’t work properly. Sometimes when you click LIKE, then refresh the fb page, you see that you haven’t liked it.  We hope facebook will solve this issue as soon as possible.


AddMeFast Design 2013 Competition

Dear friends

AddMeFast network wants to have new look in 2013, therefore we are starting competition for new design (for all pages).  You can send your design examples, even not fully completed. The competition will last 1 month (end date is 19.02.2013) and when it is over, our team will choose the winner. Attention, the winner will receive 1.000.000 points. The rules of our competition are very strict and only the best among the bests will be awarded, whose design will be  chosen as a design of Addmefast during 2013. Send designs to .

Best Regards

Country Target (beta version)

Dear users since yesterday we have launched country target likes/views/follows and etc. This feature is in testing (beta) mode. Please be patient, because we are working hard to solve all performance and other issues. If you have any problem existing this new feature please comment here, about any other problem you can contact to Support Center –

Country target likes and website performance problems.

Dear users, today, we have released the new feature : country target likes for testing. Having explored the new feature and its consequences ( the performance problems, the slow speed of the site)  we have paused the option for a while.

An important information for the users, who have already used the new feature: your selected countries will be saved in our system and after the final launch of the  feature your links will continue to get country target likes.

Thank you for your support.

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