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AddMeFast warns!!!

AddMeFast warns: The users who have ever used or who will try to use bots and will rob points without clicking will be banned permanently. Hundreds of accounts are blocked per day for using bots!!!! And we advise them not to write to the Support center, it will make no sense. We never support cheaters and spammers!!! We will do everything to keep our network clean and avoid our honest users to be harmed.

Facebook Web Likes are not in service temporary

Dear users, we want to inform you that due to the latest changes of Facebook public like button AddMeFast temporary suspends Facebook Web Likes. We hope this will last very short period. We will do everything to return back this option as soon as possible.

Attention : AddMeFast officially announces…

ATTENTION: AddMeFast officially  announces that we have never created, used or sold  any automated script, macro or bot and will never do that. AddMeFast will keep fighting against it. We want to warn our users: never give your AddMeFast or any other social network account information to anyone, as it can be spam and can damage you. AddMeFast never allows the use of any automated method. People who create, use and distribute such information have been and will be banned permanently.

Digg is not in service on AddMeFast any more !

We have terminated the support with  Digg, because it has been changed completely. There is no ”user” idea in Digg any more. You can sign in only via Facebook. Therefore you can not get followers in Digg or follow others. If there are any further changes in Digg we will inform you and will add Digg feature again.

Loss of FB page likes

These days we have noticed a decrease of FB page likes : for example the FB page of our new project has lost more than 1000 likes in half day. This loss of the likes is not connected to the unliking of the users, because the amount is huge and in a short period great deal of the likes can be lost. This is only Facebook issue and AddMeFast does nothing to do with it. Of course, on AddMeFast there is also little percentage of the spam, which makes only 5% ( that is to say you see the amount of the clicks on AddMeFast, from which only 5% can be lost from your likes which you have gained on AddMeFast). During  the last hours we have searched many times about this problem in the internet and have come across with many articles on this issue and we found out that this is a systematical clean up or some kind of bug of Facebook. Among all the articles we have read the most valuable one was the comment of one of our users (Thank You, Dimy).

{Dimy    August 3, 2012 at 02:32

I WANT EVERYONE TO READ THIS. FB is purging fake accounts. The slide you are seeing, Slick, is not AMF’s issue. Even Avatar lost a quarter of a million likes today. That’s what they gain in a week. Erased. FB originally did this in July when Germany ordered all accounts be verified. They took it a step further to then purge accounts in other areas. I can’t tell if this is for server space or simply a cleanup. Possibly the two purges are unrelated. But the first purge was the 4th of last month. If this continues, we have a little more to worry about. The slides average a drop of about 100-600 over a three hour window. It’s not a glitch and even sites like Family Guy and Twilight are affected. AMF is, I believe, doing everything they can, but FB is systematically getting rid of the spammers AMF has been trying to prevent. This hurts the reputation of all companies involved as the true base becomes aware of juicing instead of trying to recruit a community of sharers. Only time will tell, but be watching for this every month around this time. I know I will.}

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