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Latest changes of Facebook likes

Today we have updated new feature, which is called FB Weblikes. This is the same Facebook like, but is created special for websites. So, we have 2 separated Facebook likes : FB weblikes ( Facebook likes for website, articles, which will work like old system with Facebook public ”like” button) and Facebook page likes ( here can be liked only Facebook pages, on which we are currently working to make faster and to show several pages at the same time for liking. This will partially look like Facebook like old system, just without ”like” button). By the way, you can add links for these 2 types with the same method , that is to say choosing network type ” Facebook likes”.

Thank you for your support.

About Facebook Like Button

Dear users, as far as Facebook has changed the rules: it does not accept the fact that the Facebook pages can have great amount of likes in short period and for this reason blocks this kind of pages. Therefore, for your security and safety we have decided to change the system of Facebook page likes. Now, your Fb pages will be liked directly from Facebook and will not break any rule of Facebook. Very soon we will reconstruct the likes for websites as well with the old system, that is to say, they will be with like button. We will change this new system as well. It will show you several likes on one page and this will make faster liking process. If you have better suggestions please write to us. We hope you understand the importance of the situation and we will be thankfull to you if you are with us

New FB Like system

Dear users today we have changed FB Like system on AddMeFast. We know that we will receive many complaints about that, but old system is not working properly. We also know that this new system is not fast and not easy, and we will find the way to get back the old system. Thanks for understanding and support.

Latest changes on AddMeFast

1. After many efforts AddMeFast finally found the solution to the bots, scripts.  Before this change you were getting a great amount of likes faster but the majority of them were fake. Now, after this update, you are sure to get real likes a little bit slower ( this is only at the beginning).

2. We have generated an automate system, which blocks all the blocked or non-existing URLs, which have any kind of restrictions, in the result of which  we are not able to take the necessary data.

We would ask all our users to check their site lists, and if they find URLs like this,  please check them and remove any existing restriction.

Our next important step is to create country based likes/followers/etc, so you will not need to set restrictions.

Facebook “Like Button” Problem

Attention : some users are complaining that they are not able to like other Facebook pages or do not receive likes for their pages. We have checked and found out that the problem is in the Facebook like button. On Addmefast there is not any problem to be fixed. We hope that Facebook will solve this issue very soon. We will also temporary block pages that can’t be liked for now, then after the solution of the problem, we will enable them again.

AddMeFast Guide

Dear users , we have created new page on AddMeFast, which explains in details how it can work and serve you. This is done especially for freshmen. Here is the link :

Temporary Problem with Registration

Today (on July 5 , 2012) starting at 11:30 CET until 16:10 CET there was a  problem with registration on AddMeFast. We are very sorry about that. Now problem is  solved and you can register. Please try to register again with the same email.

Sorry for inconvenience.

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